randomness of a procrastinator queen
19 going 20.
i blab about stuffs...
i criticize things...
i fangirl over kpop boys
i drool over BIGBANG
i look up to 2NE1
and Kris just had me at "Chicken is not my style."
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There will be an english subtitle for Somewhere Only We Know ^^


Director Xu Jing Lei Updated her Instagram on 140914 with a meipai video and a fan commented on her post asking if there will be an english subtitle for SOWK and she replied yes. [SCREEN CAP BELOW]


And I thank God for this woman. Hallelujah!

fanfan doing a hard tongue twister.

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Anonymous asked: hi, so I've been on your blog for a while and I just wanna say, everything's so cool and funny xD anyway how about EXO reacts to you (k this is really long) having a fever, they bring you to their room and when you wake up, you start apologising for the trouble you have caused and pause for a while, then you kiss them, right out of the blue. so how would they react ? :DD thanks!!



Xiumin: *jumps away from you* YAH! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME SICK TOO


Luhan: *starts praying excessively* lord jesus please help me so I don’t get sick and die


Kris: I’m going to get deathly ill now aren’t I? *shocked*


Yixing: *in a daze because you kissed him* she was just lying there… and then… waaaah. woah.


Jongdae: *stops you before your lips reach his* gull, we can kiss after you get better. trynna get me sick. tuh


Tao: great now i’m going to get sick too. THANKS JAGI THANKS *pouts*

Suho: what good am I going to be to you if i’m sick too? aiiish.

Baekhyun: *is surprised you finally decided to kiss him*

wait… now i’m going to be sick

Chanyeol: *at a loss for words but is having a mental breakdown* “she wants to see me get sick and die i’m sure of it’

Kyungsoo: *scolds you severely* you can’t be trying to kiss me when you’re in this condition you couldn’t wait till you were feeling better?

but in the inside he’s like

Kai: I appreciate the kiss and all jagi but I can NOT get sick right now *nervous laughter*

Sehun: thanks for getting me sick and possibly killing *ultimate sass level* i love you though

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We’ll never let you go, Laxy. Never.

Time Boils The Rain - Wu Yi Fan ❤️ (via beyeotiful)

We promised not to leave each other,
must always be together,
even though we had to fight against time,
even though the whole world turned its back to us.

"There shall be hell to pay for those who hurt you."

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Wu Yi Fan - Time boils the rain lyrics (via fanfan-fan)

We promised not to be separated and be together.
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