randomness of a procrastinator queen
i blab about stuffs...
i criticize things...
i fangirl over kpop boys
i drool over BIGBANG
i look up to 2NE1
and Kris just had me at "Chicken is not my style."
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>.< { 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I  } Handsome ge -///-

140129 Kris at ICN Airport


Oh cry T_T  Hao shuai ahhhhh o(>.<’)o!!!

Kris and his drawing

Kris:yo yo chen chen ma man
Kris:how does this look? *holds up drawing*
Chen:um...is it a ...seagull ?
Kris:No it's a pickle.
Chen:How high are you?
Kris:187 cm

Have you ever looked at EXO and were like THERE ARE SO MANY AND THEY’RE ALL MOVING AT ONCE



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